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Solve a 4x4 Sudoku Puzzle

Solve a 4x4 Sudoku Puzzle

This lesson plan was developed to help early grade school teachers demonstrate to students how to use simple deductive logic to solve a simple 4x4 matrix Sudoku puzzle. 

There is a description of instructional objectives as they apply to the NET-S and to the Michigan Grade level Content Expectations. There is a description of important content for the learner to grasp in order to complete the objectives. There is...

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Dawn Smith Harris
Dawn Smith Harris (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

Jeff Powers, Solve a 4x4 Sudoku Puzzle lesson plan effectively delivers required math curriculum to early elementary students in a fun and engaging format. The instructional strategy scaffolding is used to deliver the lesson by first showing students an empty Sudoku chart, then explaining key vocabulary and basic rules. This is followed by teacher modeling and guided practice. Some of the UDL principles represented in this lesson plan include 1) defining vocabulary and symbols 2) varying levels of challenge and support and 3)provide varied ways to interact with materials. One area that I think the lesson plan could be improved in is in the method to deliver the lesson. Students are given options to practice solving puzzles with paper and pencil or on a computer website (three hyperlinks are provided by the author.) I think a third option of using manipulatives would improve the plan. My idea would be to use refrigerator magnet numbers set up on a metal cookie sheet in Sudoku puzzle fashion. This would help some students learn the process. I also think the lesson plan added to MERLOT would be more eye-catching if an image were included on the description page. Solve a 4x4 Sudoku Puzzle is a very meaningful and worthwhile lesson for students. In addition to satisfying Math G.L.C.E.’s, solving puzzles like these are simply good brain exercise!

Time spent reviewing site: 60 minutes
Teresa Madyun
Teresa Madyun (Student)
11 years ago

Great lesson Plan, I feel that it can also be used at the secondary level as well.  Many students still do not understand the process of reading rows and columns.