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Planning your online class

Planning your online class

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Megan Lavalette
Megan Lavalette (Content Developer/Instructional Designer)
1 year ago
This is a good resource for someone who is new to teaching online. The layout of an overview with the main topic and then some strategies of how to implement that topic is very easy to follow. It would be great if they could include links to some examples of the strategies they talk about. Some of the links within the PDF are broken.
Stephani Cuddie
Stephani Cuddie (Administrator)
7 years ago

This is a good resource for someone who has never entered the world of online teaching or prepared an online course. The videos are short and direct, the supplemental resource is valuable as it offers addtiional resources.  The "Related Episodes" are very helpful to even experienced online faculty, as it offers instructional ideas that may not have been considered like using Blogger, Flickr, and Twitter in the online classroom. There are also supplemental PDF downloads associated with each lecture for later reference. Very well designed resource with multiple approaches to teaching the Episode.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: About an hour
Bonnie Riedinger
Bonnie Riedinger (Administrator)
10 years ago

The pdf provides a good introductory overview and some good links. The video doesn't add really add much.

Technical Remarks:

Some links in the pdf are dead.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Tiffany Hoefer
Tiffany Hoefer (Staff)
10 years ago

Great document with helpful information for someone about to embark into online teaching.

Michael L. Porter, MDE.,MLIS
11 years ago

Great document, very easy to read and comprehend. Overall good suggestions for planning an online learning course.

Technical Remarks:

Would recommend providing links to templates (docs) for rapid course development, more embedded videos that illustrate / discuss some of the best practices and suggestions.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 mins
Thomas Pfundstein
Thomas Pfundstein (Administrator)
11 years ago

A solid introduction to online teaching.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Melissa Melancon
Melissa Melancon (Faculty)
12 years ago

This is a good means of introducing online teaching; however, it should offer one or two concrete ideas or links for reader to see what others are doing.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Simon McIntyre
Simon McIntyre (Faculty)
12 years ago

In response to Melissa Melancon, the Learning to teach online resources, when viewed as  a set, also contain case studies showing specific examples of how teachers in different discipline use a variety of technologies. The idea is that some episodes provide an overview into online pedagogical concepts, such as this one. Then case studies allow users to see how different ideas are implemented with practical advice of planning, set up, results and lessons learned.

In addition, each video comes with a supporting PDF document that has more specific advice about the topics raised in each video. They are meant to be viewed as a video/PDF set.


I hope this helps.

Used in course? Yes