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Jean Piaget. Biography and Key Theories. - TeacherOfSci

Jean Piaget. Biography and Key Theories. - TeacherOfSci

A complete biography of Jean Piaget. This bio includes cognitive development theory, schemas, stages of cognitive development, Piaget vs. Vygotsky and more.


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Patrick Byers
Patrick Byers (Faculty)
1 year ago
This webpage provides a broad overview of Piaget's theory of cognitive development and his biography. The content is as advertised in the title. The breadth of ideas covered is somewhat comprehensive. While this might be useful for students eager to familiarize themselves with the terms associated with Piaget's theory, there is nowhere near enough space to get into the ideas in any kind of substantive way. As a result, although the major terms are introduced and described briefly, the coherent system that they comprise is not made clear. Piaget's distinctive constructivist theory of development is not described, nor are his memorable experimental demonstrations (e.g., the conservation task, a not b error, etc.).