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This applet demonstrates the resulting wave from the combination of the fundamental frequency and a combination of all or none of the first three overtones of a vibrating system. The user is able to adjust the amplitude of these waves and let it run continuously or step by step. The wave may be free at both ends, fixed at one end, or fixed at both ends. All or none of the waves may be shown in different colors or just the sum of all the waves in black.


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Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson (Student)
11 years ago

This does provide a solid visual representation of overtones. The limitation here is that I find the most impactful teaching of overtones comes with sound and music, and that's not included here. If the app could include a simultaneous auditory component, it would become very cool indeed.

Technical Remarks:

Does not seem particularly resource intensive despite running through the browser.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 min