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Mathematics Tutorials and Problems (with applets)

Mathematics Tutorials and Problems (with applets)

Quoted from the site: [This site contains...] "Free mathematics tutorials to help you explore and gain deep understanding of math topics." The math topics covered include 1) Precalculus Tutorials 2) Calculus Tutorials and Problems 3) Geometry Tutorials and Problems 3) Trigonometry Tutorials and Problems for Self Tests 4) Elementary statistics and probability tutorials 5) Applications of mathematics in physics and engineering. And much more,...

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Katie Larkin
Katie Larkin (Faculty)
10 years ago

Great resource.  Great organization and scope of material.

Seamus Beall
Seamus Beall (Student)
13 years ago
this is a straight forward site which uses graphs to demonstrate different math concepts. I think that students who prefer a direct visual example of what they are learning would appreciate this site and I believe it would stand to benefit a teacher who might want to show graphically what small changes in input numbers can do to graphs. I would have really liked to have known about this particular site when i took my intermediate algebra class because it covers so many topics in a fair ammount of depth.
Time spent reviewing site: 1 half hour.
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown (Faculty)
14 years ago
Contains applets which can help students develop an intuition for boxplots and the normal distribution.