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Carbon Calculator Provides Personalized Feedback

Carbon Calculator Provides Personalized Feedback

Anyone concerned about global warming will want to check out UC Berkeley's new carbon calculator to see how their lifestyle contributes to their personal carbon footprint, and to find ways to reduce their greenhouse gases emissions. Check out the CoolClimate Calculator


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Gabriel Rubio Pérez
50 weeks ago
The webpage provides a really useful tool to estimate the average amount of carbon dioxide produced by a household in a year, taking into account a considerable number of relevant elements to perform the estimation. The content has a very good quality. The article from which all the calculus are taken is referenced, proving the scientific validity of the material. No terms are explained with educational purposes, thought the equivalent amount of CO2 emissions is a relatively easy concept to understand. The information inputs are intuitive, but they are also explained in case further information is needed by the user to fill the boxes. The personalised experience reinforces the concern about the contribution to global warming of the user and provides convenient tools to reduce their carbon footprint. This gives to the students a wider and more realistic perspective on the issue as they evaluate the situation of their very own house. The calculus can be carried out in class filling the data with the students, using one of them's lifestyle as an example. This can also be done by the students at home to suscite a reflexion on the topic later in class. It does not introduce new concepts or explain the subject, so further analysis has to be done with the teacher or by the students to apply the concepts learned in class to the example and fully comprehend it. Also, the webpage can be used with ease. The units of the introduced data can be adjusted to fit the available information provided by the user. Elements such as slide bars and the average values provide a better experience for the user, as well as the option to introduce the data using a simple or and advanced scheme. This facilitates the experience for those with a lack of real data or less experience in the topic.
Time spent reviewing site: 40 minutes
Thomas Rimmer
Thomas Rimmer (Faculty)
14 years ago
This web site is easy to use and informative about the various elements that go into the carbon footprint. Some questions that go into the "footprint" calculation are easy (how many miles do you drive your car per year and what is its gas mileage), but others are harder to answer accurately (what is your average monthly expenditure for fruits and vegetables). One also might wonder how accurate some of the correlations are. For example, the amount spent on water/sewage depends on usage, but also very heavily on the local utility rates. Despite those quibbles, the net result comparing one's carbon footprint to the rest of the US and the world should be illuminating to students interested in global warming and greenhouse gases.
Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes