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C.A.R.--Compass and Ruler

C.A.R.--Compass and Ruler

This site is a collection of activities in Euclidean geometry that encourage the students to explore and practice ruler and compass constructions using the C.A.R. tools.


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james Bucolo
james Bucolo (Student)
13 years ago
I actually spent three hours revewing the material and making a class presentation out of it where I would first define basic geometric terms such as a line and what a circle is as well as how to find the radious of a circle the diameter and circumfrence of a circle. I would then present students with a group of java circle progams enabling them to grasp the geometry behind circles and help them with any questions they may have. I would do this same setup with other parts of the website once they grasp how to correctly do the questions that are presented on this software. 2.I feel that this material is extremely educational significant to high school studets who are struggling with learning the characteristics of geometry and this could work for college students as well who are taking geomtery or trig classes. The one feature that i found extremely usefull especially for me since i dont know anything about trig or geometry is that it has homework problems and if you have any questions about how to solve the equation and if u get it wrong it will help u understand how to fix it. With that feature you can use it while you are doing your homework or studying for a test. C.If the teacher has the abvility to run this program on his or her computer I think this program would be extremely useful in teaching students about trig or geometry and going over there homework. The animations would be the most usefull for students beacuse it gives u how how to form two perpindicular circles with a line in between them as fast or as slow as u wish in making sure you grasp how to do this problem correctly. D. I think first time users would find this material enjoyable and helpful if they have a trig or geometry book next to them in order for them to look up anything they dont know. As well as have a general understanding about the basics of geometry or else it won't make any sense to you. Due to the fact that it shows u how to do equations. But doesnt give u any text material about these equations. So keep that in mind when visting the program. As well as u can't open another section without closing the section you allready opened first.
Time spent reviewing site: three hours.