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Infinite Reflections

Infinite Reflections

The author offers reflections on specific questions mathematicians and philosophers have asked about the infinite over the centuries. He examines why explorers of the infinite, even in its strictly mathematical forms, often find it to be sublime.


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Angel Serran
Angel Serran (Student)
13 years ago
As I began browsing Merlot's mathematics section, I came upon Peter Suber's "Infinite Reflections." I found his material extremely mind boggling only because the mathematical vocabulary he used confused me. Besides the vocabulary difficulty, I thought "Infinite Reflections" was interesting and worthy of the time i spent on it. Even though I've never been one to think of math outside the classroom, the concept of infinity has always intrigued me. "How can a number go on forever? How do we really know that it goes on forever? Have we tested it? Has human kind ever counted that far out?" is what I would constantly ask myself in high school when I learned about the concept of infinity. The material effected my point of views on mathematics, but it broadened the way I saw everything else besides math as well. When it referred to sets, subsets and philosophy, my math class came into mind. From my perspective, I found that although at times our minds cannot imagine or visualize infinite things, we are always capable of understanding them. "Infinite Reflections" gave a great explanation to my interpretation through a mathematical view of infinity. After taking a minute to soak up the information and thought provoking concepts, I believe students in high school and college will find this material mentally enhancing; mathematically as well as philosophically.
Time spent reviewing site: Hour and a half