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    wonderville is the most effective interactive site for kids.It gives a basic idea about how internet is connected,photosynthesis,forces of wonder,energy metre working,energy conservation ,how generator works,hydro electic power,solar power,geothermal power,tidal power,wind power,how to construct pipe line,about trees,growth rings,early wood ,late wood,annual rings,environmental effects on trees,fossil,how we hear,robots,phases...

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Katina Joncich
Katina Joncich (Student)
8 years ago

I wish the site had more search options, more transparent organization (units? subjects? related materials? ), and grade level recommendations for the materials presented.

Used in course? Yes
Tammi Ishibashi
Tammi Ishibashi (Student)
13 years ago
This website is great to use with children for it has many interactive components that will help students understand science. The children can play games and do interactive activities. I really like the interactive activities for if you get something incorrect they give you "hints" as to what you did incorrectly and then give you the option to try again. Not to mention the printable activities can be used as homework, or for students who get done early, which is great so that you do not have to make some up on your own.

Technical Remarks:

Navigating the website is a little tricky, for when you first get to the website I was unsure where to click and through trial and error I found in order to get to the main links that you have to click on the icon in the upper left hand corner.
Time spent reviewing site: I spent an hour playing with this website. I like that the videos are real life people and not actors or cartoons so that the children can see that science is working in everyday life.
neethu joseph
neethu joseph (Student)
15 years ago
this is a site that will give students a deep idea and intrest over many topics.It's graphics are high quality one..