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Calendars through the Ages

Calendars through the Ages

A history of the development of calendars throughout the ages.   This exhibit is a public service of the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement (IDEA).


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Linda Scarpa
Linda Scarpa (Consultant)
11 years ago

This site promotes discovery through multidisciplinary approaches. It has a wonderful history of calendars and how they have changed through time. It cleverly presents the mathematics behind the adoption of different calendars. There is also an excellent "Do It Yourself" section, which presents a study of the phases of the moon. This would be a great activity for students of all ages. There are many activities that could be created from the information on site for science and mathematics.

Technical Remarks:

The web site uses the an interactive program called Spicy Nodes. It allows you to go to different areas quickly.  It is extremely helpful since the material is vast.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Joanna Monaco
Joanna Monaco (Student)
12 years ago
This is an interesting site dealing with how callendars came into effect, how different cultures/countries use callendars and even day lights saving time. It also has sections on laws and why they came into effect, how they affect the community and the after effects on them. As for math though, it has actually very little math related material which, since it is under the math section, is highly disapointing.
Time spent reviewing site: 10 min
Cameron Seibly
Cameron Seibly (Student)
13 years ago
I always take interest in materials such as these due to the fact that it is something we deal with everyday, all the while, not really knowing the level of complexity that goes into calculating it all out. All this time I have never looked into other calendars around the world and it was very intriguing to see how the use the moon or the earth, or both in their calculations.