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Flash animations in science

Flash animations in science

Learning object repository for science teachers (biology, physics, mathematics). You will find flash animations and simulations especially made by teachers for teachers. The main topics are: Life sciences (transcription, replication, DNA, genetics, anatomy, organs, heart cycle, digestive tract, physiology) Earth and space sciences (astronomy, geophysics, satellisation, seismic wave,plates, continental drift, tsunami, resources and environment, water cycle) Electromagnetism (electric field, potential, magnetic field, magnet and compass, charge, Faraday’s law of induction) Optics (light, shadow, lens, geometrical optic, physical optic, laser, waves) Mechanics (motion and force, Newton’s law, gravitation, energy, nuclear )


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Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen (Student)
13 years ago
This website gets to the very specific demands of each discipline of science. the only thing that is frustrating for me is while all of the other resources are free this one is based on sales. The visual presentation and organization of information is aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow. For me to pay money I think they would need to leave the sample time a little longer before it greys out with their buy it now option.