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Disease Prevention and Healthy Lifestyles | Simple Book Production

Disease Prevention and Healthy Lifestyles, by Judy Baker Ph.D., provides health-related content which allows students to achieve the following milestones:

Chapter 1: Intro. to Personal Health

  • Health, disease, influence of family & community
  • 3 levels of health promotion/disease prevention
  • ...
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4 years ago
Disease Prevention and Healthy Lifestyles by Judy Baker, Ph.D. (retired from Foothill College; email deactivated) provides health-related content, within an OER environment, in the form of open-access courseware. In comparison to a general college-level Health class, this OER aligns closely with an in-class textbook already in use for a general education course (Health: The Basics; 13th Edition by Rebecca J. Donatelle, Ph.D; ISBN:9780134709680), and includes the following student learning outcomes and chapter parallels/links/alignment (GOOD chapters are those with 6 or more connections): STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. Assess health behavior choices, apply that information to everyday life for the improvement of individual, family, and community well-being (Lumen, 2012). 2. Identify preconceived ideas about knowledge, values, and behavior that affect health and compare with established research and accepted scientific evidence (Lumen, 2012). CHAPTER - PARALLELS / LINKS / ALIGNMENT Chapter: Introduction to Personal Health ... with the closest connections to ... family, community, social determinants of health, overarching goals of Healthy People 2010, dimensions of health, and health equity. Chapter: Substance Abuse and Addiction (emphasis on drugs and addiction) ... with the closest connections to ... signs, categories of drugs, controlled substances, Prescription Drugs, treatment, define drug addiction, and process addictions. Chapter: Substance Abuse and Addiction (emphasis on alcohol and tobacco) ... with the closest connections to ... physiological and behavioral effects, short-term benefits, long-term health risks, college statistics, alcohol use disorder, tobacco products, chemicals, health risks, and cessation. Chapter: Diseases and Disorders ... with the closest connections to ... diabetes and risk factors, symptoms for diabetes, prevention and treatment, cardiovascular disease in the United States, major types of cardiovascular disease, modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors, treatment, cancer and how it develops, risk factors, common types, and cancer detection and treatment. Chapter: Consumer Health ... with the closest connections to ... consumerism, health practitioners, alternative medicine, mind and body, health fraud, and health insurance. In conclusion, I highly recommend this OER material if a general college-level Health course can benefit from expanding on the aforementioned sections listed in ... CHAPTER - PARALLELS / LINKS / ALIGNMENT ... above. As cited in the open-access courseware title, this OER reads heavy on Substance Abuse and Addiction, Diseases and Disorders, Consumer Health, and Introductory Public Health. Subjects which may require greater connections to a general Health course include the following: a) nutrition; b) physical activity; c) emotional health; d) relationships; e) sleep; f) human sexuality; and g) the dimensions of wellness.