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America's Founding: Why Our Founding Fathers Risked It All

America's Founding: Why Our Founding Fathers Risked It All

Have you ever stopped to think about the incredible risks the Founding Founders took when they rebelled against British authority? They were starting a war with the greatest military power of the time even though they did not have a mighty fighting force themselves. And they were fighting for a type of government that most people thought was impossible. In this video course, Professor Sarah Burns of the Rochester Institute of Technology explains...

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Stephen Tomaino
Stephen Tomaino (Teacher (K-12))
2 years ago
This online resource address the question, "why would the founding fathers risk it all" despite the grave circumstances that the American Revolution presented? While the assignment does hint at the question, it is more of a brief overview as to the thoughts and causes behind the American Revolution. The assignment breaks this up into 5 categories that can be summed up as - The French and Indian War, the increase/abuse of taxes/power, American radicalism, the Enlightenment, and then creating a country through independence. The assignment is pretty low-level, but is a simple, easy way to learn the material. The five categories are broken up into roughly 3 minute video segments with 1 multiple choice question in regards to each category. The videos on each category are easy to follow and to the point, which makes it simple to follow and understand, which is great! This would be a great assignment to give to students who cannot have a teacher in front of them to review this material, however, I would probably add additional questions or prompts to the videos to ensure students are focusing more on it then simply trying to get the one multiple choice question correct. Overall, the assignment is effective in what it tries to do - a brief, simple to follow explanation as to the causes of the American Revolution. Great if trying to find an easy, effective way for students to review material on their own time.