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AHS 327 Education Materials

This is a health education course for elementary school teachers. The students enroll in educational courses in pedagogy but this is the only health education course they must take. I want materials that will help them understand how to best teach elementary aged students about health and health related topics.


AHS 327 Health Education for Elementary School Teachers


Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

Effectively apply health education curricular materials to the appropriate standard from the 2010 Indiana Health Education Standards.

Identify and better understand health issues pertinent to elementary school children.Analyze various methods used to promote healthy school environments.

Evaluate the influence of nutrition and weight management in health promotion and disease prevention (e.g., diabetes, heart disease).

Predict the impact of changes in micro and macro-nutrient intake on body mass index (BMI) and overall health.

Develop and teach appropriate health lessons based on Indiana Health Education Standards.

Write effective lesson plans with defined goals and the ABCDE model for writing objectives.

Identify and analyze Indiana’s Standards for Teachers of Health Education.


Health e-Portfolio

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Course Resources

  • Sound worksheets for kids
    Students don't typcially think of hearing as a health issue. This worksheet and information might help spur interest in... More
  • Introduction to Nutrition
    Introduction to Nutrition (Reference Material)
    Nutrition info for SENSER component