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Sample Noyce Scholars Collection for 10th grade Chemistry

This collection of online resources has been specially selected for teaching chem lab skills, scientific methods, and important chemistry concepts in 10th grade chemistry classes when a school doesn't have the facilities or materials to conduct live experiments
Course: 10th Grade Chemistry as part of a college prep sequence in California High Schools

Students need to have some practice playing around with the Virtual lab technology. If you have a computer in your class, take your class on a virtual tour of the lab. You can have them volunteer to be the tour director and explore the website themsleves. It is important that students are familar with the following concepts: A B C

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

These resources have been selected to address the following California State Science Standards:


Each resource has a "learning assignment" (e.g. simple lesson plan) which includes an assessment rubric

Other Information


Course Resources

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