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Course ePortfolio

Algebra II curriculum materials

The materials found in this collection are to accompany the various thematic units found in the Algebra II concept map.
Course: Algebra II

Satisfactory completion of the following mathematic courses: General Mathematics or Pre-Algebra Algebra I

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

The students will develop, practice, and demonstrate compentencies in the areas that make up the Algebra II mathematics course.


Assessments may include but must not be limited to paper tests. Alternate forms of assessment which includes performance type assessments are to be considered. The use of a rubric, as an assessment tool, is expected as part of at least one of the thematic units.

Other Information


Course Resources

  • MathGV Function Plotting Software
    Graphs mathematical functions
  • Quick Math - Automatic Math Solutions
    An online tool that solves problems. It gives step-by-step solutions, if needed.
  • EZ Graph
    EZ Graph (Simulation)
    Use this tool to graph any polynomial, rational, logarithmic, or trigonometric function.
  • Graphmatica
    Graphmatica (Simulation)
    This software plots equations.
  • National Debt and Wars
    National Debt and Wars (Simulation)
    Lesson Plan to supplement an Algebra II