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Course ePortfolio

South Dakota MERLOT Workshop Materials

A sample collection of MERLOT materials that participants in the MERLOT workshop in the South Dakota Board of Regents program might find useful.
Course: Faculty development program for a K-20 Initiative

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

Faculty and high school teachers recognize the value of online resources in their students education and they become empowered to build and share their own collection of resources within MERLOT



Other Information


Course Resources

  • The Dakota Language
    The Dakota Language (Collection)
    Provides lessions to learn the Lakota/Dakota language through games and other engaging activities
  • REALIA Project
    REALIA Project (Reference Material)
    The REALIA image collection might be of interest to the teachers in the arts, agriculture, and lanaguages
  • WorldImages Kiosk
    WorldImages Kiosk (Reference Material)
    A collection of over 35,000 images that are cataloged in a variety of ways.
  • Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
    A resource from Purdue University that might be useful to support development of student writing skills
  • The Council of the Writing Program Administrators Website
    This website provides guidelines, resources, forums, and links to a community of educators adminstrating writing... More
  • Journey North Menu of Inquiry Strategies
    Comprehensive resource to help teachers understand how to shift to student inquiry strategies for learning.