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Resources for Biology teachers

A collection of websites with useful information for high school science teachers. 


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  • Comparison of Meiosis and Mitosis
    The video is an animation of mitosis and meiosis highlighting key differences between the two types of cell division. In... More
  • Construction of the Cell Membrane
    The video includes an introduction of various components of the cell membrane such as the phospholipid bilayer, protein... More
  • Evolution
    Evolution (Reference Material)
    The theory of Evolution is constroversial and can be difficuilt to teach in classroom. This website can be useful to... More
  • How enzymes work
    How enzymes work (Animation)
    This video is about enzymes. It is a narrated video that includes animation of enzymes and its substrate. It is a very... More
    This website focuses on the circulatory system. It is great website to teach high school students about the circulatory... More