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Middle School Science

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  • Plants 1: Plant Parents
    Plants 1: Plant Parents (Learning Object Repository)
    6th grade: Flowers
  • Biology Textbook (On-Line)
    Biology Textbook (On-Line) (Reference Material)
    Nature of Science Cell Theory Germ Theory of Disease
  • Plants in Motion
    Plants in Motion (Collection)
    Time lapse photography. Awesome!
  • Types of Rainfall
    Types of Rainfall (Animation)
  • NASA Learning Objects: Frequency and Wavelength Lesson
    ROYGBIV activity
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
    moving EM wave can change the visible color to show changes in freq with wavelength
  • Black Holes: Gravity's Relentless Pull
    yet to be previewed but looks promising to make the unit on forces and gravity relevant
  • BrainPOP Science: How the World Works
    I'm not sure if this entry allows all Merlot members access or if Brain Pop wants a fianancial subscription. My Middle... More
  • Masses and Springs Lab
    Masses and Springs Lab (Simulation)
    anything virtual means IPAD useable :)
  • The Undamped Pendulum
    The Undamped Pendulum (Simulation)
  • Gravity (Newton's Apple)
    good activities for students for extra credit. One on the elevator with a scale is tempting to do myself!
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
  • The Rock Cycle
    The Rock Cycle (Presentation)
    A great resource that includes a quick quiz that is timed, with immediate feedback and a pictorial quiz. The second quiz... More
  • Evolution
    Evolution (Reference Material)