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ESL Writing Collection

This collection contains web sites that provide tutorials, simulations and other resources for the ESL student. These sites can be integrated easily into existing courses, including online courses.

Collection Content

  • WritingDEN
    WritingDEN (Tutorial)
    Tutorials: The Writing Den provides tutorials on the word, sentence and paragraph level. It contains help for the... More
  • Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
    Tutorial and reference. A straightforward reference tool for writers that goes from choosing a topic to documenting... More
  • Citation Machine
    Citation Machine (Reference Material)
    Tool: Students can use the Citation Machine to learn how to properly cite books, journals, magazines and web resources.... More
  • Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
    Handouts and Powerpoints: The Purdue Writing Lab has many practical handouts, quizzes and interactive exercises for use... More
  • The Phrasal Verb Dispenser
    Animation: An interesting interactive activity that will require Shockwave (free download) On a tricky topic, students... More
  • P2P in EFL/ESL P2P in EFL/ESL (Reference Material)
    Teacher Resources: Online interaction between ESL/EFL faculty worldwide. Very cutting edge. You will find many ideas for... More
  • How to Find an Article Tutorial
    Tutorial: How to find and use databases, evaluate and cite articles.
  • The Writer's Complex
    The Writer's Complex (Simulation)
    Resource site: Users will find help with style and the complexities of the writing process. An introduction and exercise... More
  • The Hero's Journey
    The Hero's Journey (Simulation)
    Student project: An environment to explore the classic mythical story structure and to create your own stories.
  • La Mansión del Inglés
    Reading and writing help in English for native speakers of Spanish.
  • English-Zone.Com
    English-Zone.Com (Collection)
    Check out the writing section on this site for ideas to incorporate in teaching online.
  • NoodleTools
    NoodleTools (Reference Material)
    Critical thinking
  • Create Your Own Comics Online
    Create comics and learn to organize your writing.
  • The Copabacana Restaurant Foodquest
    This web quest activity will engage students in all skills, including vocabulary development and writing.