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Teachers of Accounting at Two-Year Colleges - TACTYC Collection

This collection is a sample of online free resources I found in MERLOT that might be useful for students learning introductory accounting and some math resources to help them "refresh" their skills.


Collection Content

  • Drills for Accounting Basics
    Drills for Accounting Basics (Drill and Practice)
    This free online resource is a self-paced quiz which also provides student feedback on the right and wrong answers by... More
  • Interactive Worksheet: the 'Accounting Equation'
    This worksheet deals with: 1) The accounting equation. 2)The accounting concepts of 'business entity' and 'dual aspect'.... More
  • Algebra2go: An Online Supplemental Instruction Tool Array
    This online tutorial covers some basic arithmatic and math skills with video and nice clear tools and graphics
  • Accounting Principles: A Business Perspective (Managerial)
    This open FREE textbook on accounting principles can be a very useful resource for my students who can't afford to... More