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Science Education Resources : Chemistry

The following personal collection will be focused on teaching Chemistry on a high school level.

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  • WebElements
    WebElements (Simulation)
    WebElements is an excellent resource to get information on the different elements of the periodic table. With just one... More
  • Classroom Demonstrations for General Chemistry
    This website is an excellent resource for different classroom demonstrations that can be used to explain chemical... More
  • Chemical Reactions in Gas Phase:  Stoichiometry
    This website is very useful for visually seeing the role of limiting reagents and stoichiometry in reactions. It shows... More
  • Oxygen
    Oxygen (Animation)
    This is a wonderful little short film on the reactivity of oxygen. It demonstrated which elements oxygen repels,... More
  • 3DMolSym
    3DMolSym (Simulation)
    This simulation package is an great way to visually show students what molecules look like. A lot of times chemistry can... More