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Regression Analysis Learning Resources

Organized collection of websites useful in the teaching/learning of regression analysis.

Collection Content

  • Techniques for Statistical Analysis
    This site is a product of UCLA and is a comprehensive tool for educators,learners, and practicioners. Concept... More
  • Scatterplot and Correlation Coefficient
    This is a collection of interactive scatterplots. The simulations display the regression line and allow the usere to... More
  • Web-Enabled Scientific Services & Applications (Online Calculators)
    Equation Plotter (Plot mathematical equations, statistical distributions, numerical integration) Scientific Forecasting... More
  • Linear Regression
    Linear Regression (Presentation)
    Given the demographics of today's classroom, all resources should include at least one in spanish. Discussion of how to... More
  • Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
    Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics (Open (Access) Textbook)
    Resources to assist students in understanding of statistics. Topics covered include Analysis of Variance, Boxplot,... More
  • PredInt.xls
    PredInt.xls (Simulation)
    Demonstrates use of Excel in regression analysis using macros. Provides limited information and comverage of regression... More
  • Electronic Statistics Textbook
    This website provides explanations for a variety of different statistical techniques. In addition to Elementary Concepts... More
  • Multiple Linear Regression Analysis
    Site primarily provides applets regression and other statistical operations. An interesting aspect of this site is that... More
  • Rossman/Chance Applet Collection (Statistics/Probability)
    A collection of applets designed to illustrate various topics in statistics and probability. Topics include Simulating... More
  • Simulations/Demonstrations in Statistics
    This Virtual Lab contains simulations for a variety of statistical concepts, including ANOVA, correlation, Regression,... More
  • Statistics Formula Reviews
    These one- and two-page reviews cover Descriptive Statistics, Probability-The Basis for Inferential Statistics,... More