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  • ¡Conjuguemos!
    ¡Conjuguemos! (Drill and Practice)
    A Spanish verb practice/drill site.
  • PowerPoint Presentations for Spanish Class
    PowerPoint presentations for Spanish language courses.
  • spanish.language&culture (Spanish Language and Culture)
    A collection of Spanish grammar exercises and tutorials.
  • Spanish Language Exercises
    Spanish Language Exercises (Drill and Practice)
    Spanish language drill and practice exercises.
  • The Sounds of Spanish and English
    Spanish phonetics and pronunciation site.
  • Spanish Grammar Exercises
    Spanish Grammar Exercises (Drill and Practice)
    A collection of Spanish grammar exercises.
  • The LangMedia  Spanish Collection
    Spanish Language and Culture Site
  • Más Arriba
    Más Arriba (Drill and Practice)
    An interactive collection of workbook-type practice exercises.
  • Ojala que llueva cafe
    A guided-reading selection in Spanish based on a song by Dominican artist Juan Luis Guerra, optional translation... More
  • Spanish Proficiency Exercises
    Spanish Proficiency Exercises (Drill and Practice)
    Spanish Proficiency Exercises is a compilation of brief video clips in which native speakers of Spanish from various... More
  • Learn Spanish: Spanish Pronunciation
    A web site with pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary activities in the Spanish language. Hundreds of free lessons and... More
  • Freebies For Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel
  • High School Ace
    High School Ace (Drill and Practice)
    Practice activities for learners of French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Ashcombe: Spanish Video Resources
    Ashcombe: Spanish Video Resources (Drill and Practice)
  • Talk Spanish Online
    Talk Spanish Online (Tutorial)
  • Audiria
    Audiria (Tutorial)
    A site that features daily listening texts with transcripts in Spanish. From the authors: "All the learning material is... More