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Business Classics

This is a collection of the Business Classics winners from 2002 onward.


Collection Content

  • Advertising
    Advertising (Reference Material) attempts to summarize all that is known about how to create an effective advertising campaign.... More
  • E-Commerce Business Ethics Case Study
    Students explore ethical decision making and current issues in e-commerce as they follow the developments of E-Kin -- a... More
  • Prendismo Collection (formerly eClips from Cornell)
    eClips amounts to a “virtual panel” of experts, to be used to stimulate discussion, illustrate concepts, and create a... More
  • Processing Integrity Challenge
    Processing Integrity Challenge (Drill and Practice)
    The Processing Integrity Challenge makes use of game theory to help students learn how to determine relevant application... More
  • Accountsville. Impairment of Fixed Assets
    This interactive technical note gives students the opportunity to practice their understanding of IAS 36, relevant to... More
  • Big Dog's Leadership Page
    Big Dog's Leadership Page (Reference Material)
    This module contains 17 lessons on various aspects of leadership and leadership theory including such topics as... More