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Open Learning Initiative Courses

These are courses that have been developed by Carnegie Mellon for the Open Learning Initiative ( "We use knowledge from learning science and the affordances of the web to transform instruction, significantly improve learning outcomes and achieve significant increases in productivity in post secondary education. •Produce exemplars of scientifically based online courses and course materials that enact instruction and support instructors •Provide open access to these courses and materials •Develop a community of use, research & development that contributes to the evaluation, continuous improvement, and ongoing growth of the courses and materials." The first link below is to the Open Learning Initiative while the other 17 items are the courses currently available.

Collection Content

  • Open Learning Initiative (OLI)
    Open Learning Initiative (OLI) (Reference Material)
    This is the webpage that explains the Open Learning Initative at Carnegie Mellon. In addition to the courses listed... More
  • Engineering Statics
    Engineering Statics (Online Course)
    "Statics is a sophomore level engineering course, offered in all mechanical and civil engineering programs. We study... More
  • Probability and Statistics
    Probability and Statistics (Online Course)
    "The Probability and Statistics course is comparable to the full semester course on Statistics taught at Carnegie Mellon... More
  • Statistical Reasoning
    Statistical Reasoning (Online Course)
    "The Statistical Reasoning course is the same as the Probability and Statistics course except that it includes a new... More
  • Causal and Statistical Reasoning
    "The material in Causal and Statistical Reasoning examines the nature of causal claims and the statistical sorts of... More
  • Modern Biology
    Modern Biology (Online Course)
    "This introductory course in "Modern Biology" covers topics found in the fields of cellular biology, molecular biology,... More
  • Biochemistry
    Biochemistry (Online Course)
    "Biochemistry is an introductory course that explores the relationship between chemical principles and biological... More
  • Review of Stoichiometry
    Review of Stoichiometry (Online Course)
    "The learning experience in the Stoichiometry course is constructed from the following types of components: 1.Videos... More
  • Equilibrium and Acid/Base Chemistry
    "Chemical equilibrium, and its application to acid-base chemistry and solubility, is widely viewed as one of the most... More
  • Modern Chemistry Video Survey
    "This online course is based on the 2005 version of Modern Chemistry II (course number 09-106) taught at Carnegie Mellon... More
  • French 1
    French 1 (Online Course)
    "Each of the 15 lessons follows the same structure of activities: •Introduction: presentation of communicative and... More
  • Elementary French 2 Online
    Elementary French 2 Online (Online Course)
    "The French courses are introductory, interactive video-based courses intended for use by university students and... More
  • Logic and Proofs
    Logic and Proofs (Online Course)
    "Logic & Proofs is an introduction to modern symbolic logic. It provides a rigorous presentation of the syntax and... More
  • Physics With the Andes Workbench
    "The Andes Physics course currently provides over 500 problems that are suitable for both calculus and non-calculus... More
  • Visual Communication Design
    Visual Communication Design (Online Course)
    This course is conducted through a number of videos. It consists of 4 different units.