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  • Civilisation Française
    Civilisation Française (Presentation)
    Pedagogical activities on a wide variety of topics in French civilization.Modules including audio, video interviews with... More
  • Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links
    French literature, art, music, film, history, education, mass-media and everyday life. Interactive grammar links (French... More
  • Espace Francophone
    Espace Francophone (Collection)
    This site from the French Consulate in New Orleans contains an extensive collection of audiovisual materials for the... More
  • Voyage Virtuel
    Voyage Virtuel (Reference Material)
    A introductory tour of French cities and regions.
  • Images de France
    Images de France (Collection)
    300 photos libre de droit sur la France de l'an 2000.
  • Le Québec en images
    Le Québec en images (Collection)
    A well-developed image database on Quebec topics. Images may be used for educational purposes royalty free.
  • rfi:Radio France Internationale: La langue française
    The site uses the week's news in review to teach the French language to non-native speakers. In addition to very current... More
  • Countries and Their Cultures
    Countries and Their Cultures (Reference Material)
    Search for a specific country and get a great in-depth summary of their culture. It includes information on government,... More