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Spanish Language Learning

My personal collection includes a lot of Spanish language learning resources that can be used for classroom instruction or homework assignments

Collection Content

  • Ojala que llueva cafe
    This is an excellent song that can be used for in-class instruction in order to teach the subjuntive mode.
  • spanish.language&culture (Spanish Language and Culture)
    This website includes useful information about Spanish-speaking cultures and includes useful grammar activities.
  • The Future and Conditional Tenses
    The Future and Conditional Tenses (Reference Material)
    This website includes useful verb conjugation charts for the conditional and future verb tenses.
  • Diego Rivera
    Diego Rivera (Collection)
    This website includes a lot of important cultural information about the famous Mexican artist named Diego Rivera.
  • Advanced Placement Program - AP Spanish
    This website includes a lot of useful Spanish Advanced Program Langauge resources.
  • Taller hispano
    Taller hispano (Tutorial)
    This website includes a variety of interactive multimedia exercises that include Spanish speakers from different... More
  • Complementos
    Complementos (Tutorial)
    This website includes important information about Spanish vocabulary such as idiomatic expressions, prepositions, and... More
  • Proyecto Sherazade
    Proyecto Sherazade (Reference Material)
    This website includes a lot of authentic Spanish cultural stories.
  • ¬°Conjuguemos!
    ¬°Conjuguemos! (Drill and Practice)
    This is an excellent website where students can use games to practice conjugating Spanish verbs.
  • BBC Mundo
    BBC Mundo (Presentation)
    This website includes useful links to electronic texts written in Spanish and also Spanish crossword puzzle activities.
  • The LangMedia  Spanish Collection
    This website includes excellent videos and cultural pragmatic information that deals with the use of the Spanish... More
  • PowerPoint Presentations for Spanish Class
    This website includes a lot of fun games that can be used in classroom instruction in order to teach different Spanish... More
  • The Sounds of Spanish and English
    This website includes an excellent Spanish phonetics website where students can listen to audio pronunciation of... More
  • Learn Spanish: Spanish Pronunciation
    This is a great website where students can practice their Spanish grammar and vocabulary skills.
  • High School Ace
    High School Ace (Drill and Practice)
    This website has a variety of Spanish language activities that deal with geography, bullfighting, cultural events,... More
  • Ashcombe: Spanish Video Resources
    Ashcombe: Spanish Video Resources (Drill and Practice)
    This website includes a lot of interactive Spanish language activities that use the Spanish language in context to... More
  • Audiria
    Audiria (Tutorial)
    This website includes Spanish audio texts to which Spanish language learners can listen.
  • LinguaWeb
    LinguaWeb (Tutorial)
    This website has a lot of different grammatical, vocabulary, and cultural resources that students can use to learn... More