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A Collection of materials for students at UNCC

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  • Carbon Calculator Provides Personalized Feedback
    Anyone concerned about global warming will want to check out UC Berkeley's new carbon calculator to see how their... More
  • Self Assessment: Structural Analysis I
    An interactive self-assessment e-workbook for introductory engineering mechanics (statics) covering free body diagram... More
  • Engineering Statics
    Engineering Statics (Presentation)
    A set of notes covering the contents of Engineering Statics at the sophomore level in engineering.
  • Self-Assessment: Shear and Moment Diagrams
    An interactive self-assessment e-workbook for helping students learn how to construct shear and moment diagrams for... More
  • Land Surveyor Reference Page
    Land Surveyor Reference Page (Reference Material)
    This site will let you know different regulations for different states for surveying. You can also link onto many other... More
  • Fire Resistance of Steel-Framed Buldings
    A British (UK) reference for meeting requirements of regulatory bodies regarding the durability of structures in a fire... More
  • Civil Engineering-Wiki
    Civil Engineering-Wiki (Reference Material)
    Explains what Civil Engineers do for a living, what kinds of projects they take/took place in... More