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Teaching Tools

Reference material and tools for improving teaching and creating instructional materials.

Collection Content

  • WebQuest Page
    WebQuest Page (Reference Material)
    Site describing how webquests work and providing tips and instruction, as well as templates and other resources, for... More
  • FAST (Free Assessment Summary Tool)
    Tool to create anonymous online surveys to get feedback from students.
  • Social Psychology Network
    Social Psychology Network (Reference Material)
    Click "Teaching Resources" in menu on the left for extensive list of resources for teaching psychology (including social... More
  • Understanding Prejudice
    This site includes sample syllabi and activities for college classrooms for teaching prejudice.
  • Authentic Assessment Toolbox
    Information about authentic assessment as an idea as well as an assessment glossary and lots of information on creating... More
  • Concept Map Software (CMAP) Version 3
    Software that might be useful in helping visual learners plan their writing or organize class material into summary... More
  • Student Learning Outcomes: Recommended Reading
    Western Washington University site with lots of links and articles on assessing student learning in traditional and... More
  • The Jigsaw Classroom:  A co-operative learning technique
    Site includes basic overview of how to use the jigsaw classroom and implementation tips (including how to deal with... More
  • Critical Thinking
    Critical Thinking (Reference Material)
    Georgia State Master Teaching Program site on critical thinking (its characteristics, how to teach it to students using... More
  • Techniques for Skillful Reading
    Site with guidelines about how to read effectively (SQ3R, marking up text, etc.). Can direct students having reading... More