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Writing Instruction in ESL High School classrooms - copy

These resources will be beneficial in writing instruction for middle to high school classrooms that have ESL students.


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  • Advanced Academic Grammar for ESL Students
    This textbook could prove essential to use for the duration of the semester, and since it is free, teachers will not... More
  • Writing Learning Objectives: Overview
    As teachers begin to lesson plan, they can use this reference to determine how effective their objectives are and how to... More
  • Blogs as a Learning Tool
    Blogs as a Learning Tool (Workshop and Training Material)
    The site shows why blogging can be beneficial for students to use for writing exercises. Not all writing needs to be... More
  • Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
  • National Council of Teachers of English
    Paid membership is needed to gain access to live /recorded webinars but there is also an array of free resources readily... More
  • Expanding Perspectives in Your Search
    Students will view the ideas presented in the video so they can begin examining their search results and improve how and... More
  • Inanimate Alice
    Inanimate Alice (Online Course)
    Inanimate Alice is an ongoing interactive multimodal digital fiction novel relating to the experiences of Alice and her... More
  • Offering and Receiving Constructive Criticism
    This video will be useful to watch as a class, so the students observe first-hand what it means to offer constructive... More