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Diversity in Science

There is a common misconception that science is almost entirely comprised of white men. The goal of this collection is to educate high schoolers about the diversity that is present in the scientific community. These resources discuss the diversity that can be found in the scientific field, and the inclusion of different abilities, races, and genders. These resources also discuss the continued movement towards equality in the field. 


Collection Content

  • Who Will Do the Science of the Future?
    A collection of presentations that discuss the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and issues in computer science.... More
  • Gender Stereotypes in Science Education Resources: A Visual ...
    This study looks into the stereotypes that are often seen in science. The goal of the study is to determine where the... More
  • Black Lives in Astronomy
    Black Lives in Astronomy (Reference Material)
    This guide includes both written and video resources about 25 black astronomers. The guide also covers some of the... More
  • Careers in STEM: Highlighting the Achievements of Diverse Individuals
    These short films focuses on the diversity of the staff of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, the University of... More
  • Increasing the Representation of People with Disabilities in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
    This paper discusses the three main contributors that cause the under-representation of people with disabilities in... More