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  • Real Estate Transactions
    Real Estate Transactions (Online Course)
    This is a course detailing the steps of a real estate transaction. It is intended to educate people who have no prior... More
  • Personal Finance
    Personal Finance (Open (Access) Textbook)
    This is a full personal finance course. The course is intended to provide a comprehensive education on personal finance,... More
  • Personal Finances Tracker
    Personal Finances Tracker (Development Tool)
    This is resource is a template for a personal budget in MS Excel. It is intended to allow people to organize their... More
  • Saving for College - Continuing Feducation Video Series, Episode 2
    This is a video series about financing college. It covers the financial benefits of investing in human capital, things... More
  • Accounting 101: Financing, Investing, Operating
    This is a video series that goes in to the basics of accounting. It is intended to educate people on how money works... More