Learning Exercise

Designing a Performance Assessment Instrument

This assignment is to acquaint the pre-service and in-service teacher with an alternative to paper and pencil test. While traditional classroom assessment measures can measure a variety of learning task, performance measures allow the student an avenure to show that they not only know but can use the newly acquired knowledge in a variety of ways.
Course: Educational Evaluation; Fine Arts Assessment; Assessment of Diverse Learners

The Authentic Assessment Toolbox site is a tutorial for learning all about authentic assessment. It is presented with... see more


When learning standards cannot be adequately addressed through paper and pencil
test, performance assessment measures are called for. Because some students
find it difficult to successfully demonstrate their learning, performance
measures are an alternative. Single skills can be assessed by a performance
task/product, or it can be designed to assess multiple skills.
1. Locate "The Authentic Assessment Tool Box", on MERLOT's Teacher Education
portal under Student Assessment. Click on the url.
2. Read through the Sections of "What is Authentic Assessment" and "Why Do It".

3. Click on "How Do I Do It?" Read each section (Steps 1-4) and answer the
questions posed. Be ready to discuss these in class.
4. Articulate the standard you want your students to know and or do. Go to:
www.alex.state.al.us/browseStand.php and find th e content field and grade level
for which you teach or will teach. Write in on the workbook sheet.
5. Read Step 2 "Select an Authentic Task". Identify a performance task
(product or performance) that meets the parameters set out by the content
standard you choose. Write it on the Workbook sheet.
6. Click on "Identify the Criteria for the Task". Read Step 3. Identify what
the task looks like. What are the essential parts of the task that makes it
"excellent". Write them down on the Workbook work sheet.
7. Step 4 "Create a Rubric" is the next step. Read this entire section.
Follow the tutorial in order to construct a rubric or evalutation criteria for
the task you selected. Create an assessment plan following the tutorial. Write
on the work sheets of the Workbook.



Ability to locate State Content Standards
Ability to divide standards into corresponding objectives.
Knowledge of the Revised Taxonomy of Educational Objectives


Performance Assessment

Learning Objectives

The Student Will follow the procedures outlined in the Authentic Assessment Tool Box to design a performance assessment project for students in their grade level and content speciality.