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The Election of 1876

One of the most disputed elections in United States History was the Rutherford B. Hayes versus Samuel Tilden race of 1876. It is generally believed that Tilden should have won instead of Hayes. This assignment will offer greater insight into the Presidential race of 1876.
Course: United States History

The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center offers an extensive variety of materials associated with the 19th President... see more


Instructions: Click "go to material." Click "Rutherford B. Hayes." Click "the President." Read the following articles: Frequently Asked Questions about the Disputed Election of 1876; Disputed Election of 1876 by Ari Hoogenboom; Rutherford B. Hayes Acceptance Speech, 1876; Samuel Tidlen's Concession Speech, 1876; Inaugural Address of Rutherford B. Hayes. Write a 5-7 page paper to include the following: 1)the political backgrounds of Hayes and Tilden; 2)the election of 1876's major issues; 3) the initial election results; 4) the process to resolve to the election dispute; and 5) was Hayes the legitimate winner of the contest?

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United States History; Rutherford B. Hayes; Election of 1876.

Learning Objectives

To offer a more complete understanding about the controversial Election of 1876 and the personalities involved.


A 5-7 page paper.