Learning Exercise

The Geography of New Spain.

A questionnaire of 50 items was created by Juan Lopez de Velasco, the royal astrologer, to provide a more complete understanding of the what the Americas was like.
Course: Latin American History

The Spanish government established a commission in the 16th century to develop a questionnaire to describe a variety of... see more


Instructions: Click Primary Sources. Select EITHER Xonotla, Mexico, 1581 or San Juan de Puerto Rico, 1582. Click English version. For the one location selected read the 50 questions and the 50 answers. Write a 5-7 page paper describing what the Spanish discovered about the region, the people, the geography, the botany, and animal life for the location chosen.
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Americas. New Spain. Geography.

Learning Objectives

To provide students with a primary source of information about the world the Spanish discovered in the 16th Century.


5-7 page paper.