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Contrary to long-form training, microlearning offers the same information but packages it into smaller segments. Learn... see more

This book is a continually-evolving class project for my students across multiple semesters. It is called "the students'... see more

You may be proud of the information you gathered and shared with your employees. You created a course that was... see more

Wondering what are the implications of Learning Theories On Instructional Design? Check the implications of 3 Learning... see more

Scryfall is an organizing system that uses simple searches, advanced searches, syntax, all sets, and random card searches... see more

Using learning management systems strategically and consistently across courses can help students and faculty save time... see more

Although some entries are related to Middlebury College, this short course will help you in designing your classes. We’re... see more

Computation thinking (CT) can help to enhance the problem-solving skills required to solve complex, real-world problems.... see more

Овај приручник садржи скуп неопходних корака за развој електронских курсева прилагођених реализацији електронске наставе... see more