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Skills & Interests

  • Science and Technology / Health Sciences / Nursing (Advanced)
  • Academic Support Services / Library and Information Services / Citations and Style Guides (Advanced)
    APA Publication Manual - developed student-friendly applications to assist in correct use of the writing guide.
  • Academic Support Services / Faculty Development / Course and Instruction Design (Expert)
    Teaching is a fine art between facilitation and subject expertise. Learning takes place through collaboration,research, and experiential engagement. Learning styles research is essential in the varied ways teaching and learning occurs. Using technology is an important addition to learning today as whatever roles graduates play in the future, computers will be a significant part of their experiences. Distance education is a growing avenue for education and will only increase as time goes on. When working with adults, it is important to present the big picture first, then work task by task to accomplish the objectives. In working with younger persons, the big picture does not play as significant a factor in learning settings. With adult learners, setting the stage with the end goal facilitates the step-by-step learning that takes place in the individual learning activities.

Education History

  • Master of Library & Information Science Instructional Technology and Design (05/1996)
    Wayne State University
  • Master of Business Management Marketing (12/1989)
    Aquinas College
  • Bachelor of Arts Secondary Education (08/1969)
    Western Michigan University

Teaching Experience

  • Applied Pedagogy and Unit Design (Winter 2008)
    • University of Detroit Mercy Adv Dental Continuing Ed – Education
    • May 2005-present
  • Instructional Design Strategies (Winter 2008)
    • University of Detroit Mercy Adv Dental Continuing Ed – Education
    • May 2005-present
  • Learning Styles and Pedagogical Principles (Winter 2008)
    • University of Detroit Mercy (Adv Dental Continuing Ed) – Education
    • May 2005-present