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Skills & Interests

  • Science and Technology / Computer Science (Intermediate)
    I am interested in making learning objects (small programs) for mathematics education and hope to some day have a job doing this or a combination of this and teaching or tutoring mathematics.

Education History

  • Master of Science in Mathematics (12/1994)
    Michigan State University

Teaching Experience

  • Math 151 (Spring 1998)
    • Lansing Community College – Calculus I
    • First semester of a 3 semester course in calculus for scientists and engineers.
  • Math Help Desk (Fall 1996)
    • Lansing Community College – variety
    • I tutor a variety of math courses at the help desk from very basic algebra to Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra. Tutoring students at a variety of levels on a drop in basis is invigorating.
  • Math 141 (Summer 1996)
    • Lansing Community College – Calculus with Applications
    • Calculus class that focuses on business and health sciences applications.


  • The Mathematics Behind the Programs, 01/11/2007
    Talk with advanced high school math students about what mathematics I needed to know in order to make the graphics in some of my programs work correctly.
  • Great Gadgets for Online Courses, MichMATYC 2003, 10/11/2003
    Presentation geared towards math instructors especially for online courses about making and finding things on the web to make their courses more interactive.


  • Adjunct Mathematics Faculty (08/1995 – Current) Lansing Community College
  • My Adult Child's Mom (12/1983 – Current) Home
  • My Kids' Mom (05/1997 – Current) Home