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jean-Marie tremblay

jean-Marie tremblay


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  • Humanities / History / Theory and Method / Philosophy of History (Expert)
    Books in integral text from Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemburg, Leon Trotsky, Descartes, Gaston Bachelard, etc.
  • Social Sciences / Sociology (Expert)
    Books in integral text from sociologists like Emile Durkheim, Auguste Comte, Alexis de Tocqueville, Max Weber, Lucien Levy-Bruhl, Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, Karl Mannheim, Georg Lukacs, Rosa Luxemburg, Pareto, Adam Smith, and many more
  • Social Sciences / Anthropology (Expert)
    Books available in integral text from anthropologists like Ruth Benedict, Ralph Linton, Edward Sapir, Margaret Mead, Bronislav Malinowski