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Education History

  • Ph. D Music Education, minor in Music Technology (05/2005)
    University of Arizona
  • M. Mus Music Education (07/1998)
    Andrews University

Teaching Experience

  • Music Teaching Workshop (Fall 2021)
    • Northern Caribbean university – Music Education
    • Regular participation is essential as student-teachers will engage in guided preparations for teaching practice, give feedback, discuss current issues, trends, problems and solutions. Evaluation is on a pass/fail basis and students must pass the course to obtain a satisfactory grade in Supervised Teaching. Runs concurrently with Sup. Mus Tchg.
  • Secondary Supervised Music Teaching (Spring 2021)
    • Northern Caribbean University – Music Education Practicum
    • Student teaching forms the nucleus of the teaching profession. Student teachers are therefore expected to earn 8 credit hours of practice throughout the duration of Teaching Practicums I & II in both Primary and High School. The practicum exercise is designed to prepare the student teacher with the necessary skills and practice.
  • Class Recorder (Fall 2020)
    • Northern Caribbean University – Music Education _ Recorder
    • This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of recorder playing and is especially designed for beginning recorder group members and leaders. It involves regular classes along with regular, practice. Practice time results in perfect performance. No Practice No Progress.


  • English
    • Speaking level: Superior
    • Reading level: Superior
  • French
    • Speaking level: Intermediate
    • Reading level: Intermediate