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Introduction to Chemistry

This collection contains the California Open Educational Resources Council (CA OER) list of peer-reviewed textbooks for Introduction to Chemistry (common course-id CHEM 110), a top 50 college course identified for inclusion in the California Open Online Library for Education (COOLforEd).  CHEM 110 is the first semester of CHEM 120S, a year-long course.

CID Number:  CHEM 110  

General Course Description: CHEM 110

This is the first semester of a one-year course in chemistry intended for majors in the natural sciences (chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physics, pre-medicine), mathematics, and engineering.

Minimum Units: 5 units, including at least 1 unit of laboratory


Prerequisite(s): Intermediate Algebra.

Corequisite(s): None

Advisories/Recommendations: (none)

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

The American Chemical Society (ACS) General Chemistry Guide and the General Chemistry examinations provide information on topics and indicate an appropriate level of this sequence of courses, including learning goals and objectives. At the conclusion of the course, each student should be able to employ standard laboratory techniques appropriate to the course content, such as titration.


  • Examinations
  • Homework
  • Lab work
  • Portfolios
  • Projects
  • Written papers and/or reports
  • Quizzes

Other Information


Course Resources

  • Introductory Chemistry
    Introductory Chemistry (Open (Access) Textbook)
    The David Ball Introductory Chemistry open textbook is not intended to make you an expert. True expertise in any field... More
  • Analytical Chemistry 2.0
    Analytical Chemistry 2.0 (Open (Access) Textbook)
    Analytical chemistry is more than a collection of analytical methods and an understanding of equilibrium chemistry; it... More
  • ChemWiki: The Dynamic Chemistry E-textbook
    The ChemWiki project is a new approach toward chemistry education where an Open Access textbook environment is... More
  • Concept Development Studies in Chemistry
    Concept Development Studies in Chemistry (Open (Access) Textbook)
    is an online textbook for an Introductory General Chemistry course, written specifically for use with Socratic teaching... More