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Math 101 - Liberal Arts Math

This course is especially intended for students who will major in areas which do not require further mathematics. The goal is to stimulate interest in mathematics in new ways, while perfecting basic logical and mathematical skills. Suggested textbook: A Survey of Mathematics with Applications, Expanded 8th Edition by Angel, Abbott, and Runde.
Course: Liberal Arts Math; Math Survey Course;

Two years of high school algebra

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to: 1. Choose the winner of an election using the plurality, Borda count, plurality with elimination, and pairwise comparison methods. 2. Show that the plurality, Borda count, plurality with elimination, and pairwise comparison methods violate at least one of the fair and reasonable standards for a fair and sensible voting system. 3. Use principles of graph theory and networks to solve routing problems. 4. Discuss the development of various systems of numeration throughout history. 5. Perform arithmetic operations in other bases. 6. Comment on the historical contributions of other cultures to mathematics, including the development of irrational numbers and the Golden Ratio. 7. Classify real numbers into subsets by their inherent properties. 8. Discuss closure of a set under a given operation. 9. Generalize clock arithmetic to modular arithmetic. 10. Recognize arithmetic and geometric patterns in the world as they relate to linear and exponential growth, respectively. 11. Graph a system of linear inequalities to model a situation involving linear constraints. 12. Use linear programming concepts to determine the optimal solution. 13. Calculate simple and compound interest. 14. Calculate annual percentage rate. 15. Find the finance charge, average daily balance, and monthly payment on a loan. 16. Find the annual add-on interest rate being used for a loan. 17. Find the future value of an investment.


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Course Resources

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