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Africa Taste of MERLOT: Harnessing E-learning Resource Repositories

The ultimate goal of this workshop is to initiate collaborative networking among African higher education institutions to implement an educational research & development programme aiming to promote and facilitate the adoption and diffusion of GDLRR as a means to innovate the way education and training are carried out in Africa. This will be facilitated through a comprehensive training of selected workshop participants in the proper use of GDLRR to design high quality multimedia courses for online course delivery and to stimulate a train-the-trainer model at the participantsÂ’ home institutions.
Course: Harnessing the Wealth of Free Global Digital Learning Resource Repositories

Basic computing and web browsing skills

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop participants will: understand the concept of a digital learning repository and learning objects technology. identify benefits and disadvantages of learning object technology within the context of teaching and learning in Africa. be comprehensively introduced to the functionalities of the MERLOT Repository and the MERLOT discipline communities. understand the modalities and criteria for selecting effective and quality online resources to support school, departmental and institutional elearning initiatives. be able to critically identify strategies for effectively integrating digital resources in course design and instructional delivery including the use of MS-Word for lesson planning, PowerPoint and Course Management System. be able to identify quality online learning materials for teaching and learning be able to create a MERLOT member profile and introduce other colleagues in their respective institutions to do the same.


Will use portfolio assessment. portfolio items will include the creation of e-learning personal collections.

Other Information


Course Resources

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