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Foundations of Organizational Leadership and Personal Development

Materials to use for Adult Degree Completion Program
Course: Foundations of Organizational Leadership and Personal Development

Foundation course materials for Adult Degree Completion Program

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes




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Course Resources

  • Learning Theory
    Learning Theory (Presentation)
    A mini lecture providing viewers an overview of learning theory. The streaming Flash movie covers critical assumptions... More
  • Leadership Theory
    Leadership Theory (Drill and Practice)
    Drill and Practice about Leadership Theory
  • Big Dog's Leadership Page
    Big Dog's Leadership Page (Reference Material)
    This resource provides activities that can be used in class regarding Leadership
  • Learning Styles - Left or right brain dominance
    The site has been used initially as part of a leadership development course to assess how leaders learn and to help... More
  • Leadership in the 21st Century
    Leadership in the 21st Century (Reference Material)
    Lecture/Presentation: This site provides a series of notes or information about a variety of topics concerning... More
  • Index of Learning Styles
    Quiz/Test Index of Learning Styles
  • How to Learn Anything Fast: Using Personal Learning Styles
    FREE! Take The Personal Learning Styles Inventory™ This is a reference-based site that lists books and other resources... More
  • net.TUTOR
    net.TUTOR (Tutorial)
    Online tutorials for learning about Internet tools (browser, e-mail, discussion), searching skills in Web and library... More
  • Critical Thinking
    Critical Thinking (Reference Material)
    This webpage was designed for Georgia State's Master Teaching Program. The author discusses (1) what is critical... More
  • Blackboard Learning System: Student User Guide
    This manual provides assistant to all student users of the Blackboard Learning System, the Blackboard Learning System... More
  • APA Style
    APA Style (Reference Material)
    Site provides a host of interactive tutorials to help students master the intricacies of writing in APA style. All... More
  • Kolb's Learning Styles Diagram
    This is a graphic that depicts Kolb's Learning Styles
  • An Ethics Toolkit for Managers
    This is a tutorial on Business Ethics provided by the Free Management Library. The tutorial covers a number of different... More