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Exploring emerging Technologies for Life long learning and success

This courseNone is an open-access resource to gain a lifelong learning mind-set for personal and professional growth.


Complete module by module of coursera e learning course and follow instructions

Pedagogical Approach

Use of tools provided in course links 


Adobe Spark


Whiteboard Explain Everything Drive



Learning Outcomes

About me in PixStori

THis is a representation of myself professionally and personally my interests and aspirations . THis includes an audio clip along with an image of a  project manager at work

Life Long learning in Adobe Spark  

Life long learning is essential in many professions eg. medical, engineering, IT.  It is the only way to keep relevant as technology evolves. Atleast related advances one should keep abreast of else there is the risk of becoming redundant.  One has to be confident in learning competency and effectiveness. challenges will rise but should not give up. focus on end goal

Communication & Collaboration :

This is very essential in every walk of life in todays covid situation it is ev en more relevant to virutally communicate and collaborate using modern tools. Using miro people located at different places can work together like they are sitting across a table

I chose Miro as its a comprehensive tool which can be used in my profession as a IT professional in these covid times & virtual teams. Concerns are normal such as security however software provides options to collaborate in closed group as well

Yes i recommend Miro as its easy to learn. It is very useful in agile methodology & design thinking , user journeys etc

Creativity :

created a  spinner using a tool which will select a fruit from a list of fruits with equal probability

Amazing  you can create a spinner to pick things randomly 

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is essential to examine all aspects of information - authenticity, baisedness, photoshoped etc

It also throws light from several angles and what are the other versions of a particular news for eg. What is the truth. it exposes biases from source perspective.


My  favorite discoveries or exercises were the numerous tools which i have never seen before. It motivates me that i can learn if i want -- its not too late. . To be creative is what i takeaway and let the mind explore without making it conform. Yes i have decided to start immediately with a complex learning stack.



To be graded

Other Information