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Biology- Genetics Activities

Cambodia MoEYS Grade 12 Textbook Online support. The following topics are covered in Grade 12 Biology.  The list is ordered, based on the relative time associated with in-class instructio.  Topics: 

• DNA and RNA Form and Function• Transcription and Translation• Mendelian Genetics• Mutations - where, when, how• Non-Mendelian Genetics• Meiosis - where, when, how, ..• DNA Replication• Population Genetics, Pedigrees• Biotechnology Techniques• Chromosones and Structure• Gene Regulation• Epigenetics• Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes


MoEYS Grade 11 Science and Maths

Pedagogical Approach

Inquiry-based using the following approaches: teacher-led lab, student-designed lab, database harvesting, data analysis, graphing skills, 3D models, simulations, coding, spreadsheet analysis, games, scavenger hunt, competition, puzzles, sorting games, POGILS, AP and IB Exam question, debates, case studies, graphic organizers, systems models. ThingLinks, projects. creative writing, children's books, fantasy

Learning Outcomes

MoEYS Grade 12, selected for those meeting US NGSS requirements


Formative and summative assessment, designed within each activity. This material supports the MoEYS textbook and school-specific assessment strategy used in Cambodia.

Other Information

This material supports the MoEYS textbook and school-specific assessment strategy used in Cambodia.

Course Resources

  • Textbook: Biology 2E by Clark, Douglas, Choi
    OER Textbook. Authors: Mary Ann Clark, Texas Wesleyan University Matthew Douglas, Grand Rapids Community College Jung... More
  • Textbook: AP Biology by Zedalis, Eggebrecht
    "Biology for AP® Courses covers the scope and sequence requirements of a typical two-semester Advanced Placement®... More
  • Biotech: Modeling Plasmids
    "Cloning a Paper Plasmid- This lab is a nice quick paper demo on the process of cloning a gene into a plasmid. It... More
  • DNA Structure: Paper Model
    DNA template -- "Have each group cut this template page down the middle and tape the two template strands end-to-end to... More
  • DNA Replication: 3D Dynamic Model Kit
    Part 2. wist - untwist - replicate... More
  • Chromosomes: Modeling CoVid Epidemiology
    Genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus - Global subsampling (Maintained by the Nextstrain team. Enabled by data from... More
  • Meiosis Process - Lab with beads and paper
    "This lab asks students to follow chromosomes through the special division process of meiosis to create haploid... More
  • Mendelian Genetics- Lab with paper
    "Activity 1: Breeding Bunnies- In this activity, you will examine natural selection in a small population of wild... More
  • Population Genetics- Simulation of Drosophila genetics
    "Developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, CGS allows students to perform virtual test crosses with model... More
  • Population Genetics- Virtual Lab with Data Analysis- Stickleback Evolution
    "This interactive, modular lab explores how stickleback fish and fossil specimens are used to study evolutionary... More
  • Kimball's Biology Pages
    Kimball's Biology Pages (Open (Access) Textbook)