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Intro To Mass Media Research

The course furnishes understudies with a to the essential research issues and procedures expected to use both quantitative and subjective strategies suitable for mass correspondences understudies who are taking their first research course in research techniques.


Preferably,students should pass both ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 preceding taking this course.

Pedagogical Approach

Hand, Lindsey; Ryan, Erin; and Sichler, Karen, Introduction to Communication Research: Becoming A Scholar" (2019)

Learning Outcomes

Show learning of sound research rehearses.

Compose compelling examination articles.

Shows the demeanors expected in their area(s) of specialization


Understudies will be required to submit exchange presents and react on companions posts.

Understudies will be required to take mid-term evaluation on morals and documentation

Understudies will be required to finish three research-related expositions.

Understudies will be required to accomplish a score of 70% or above on both the examination papers and the mid-term test on morals and APA documentation.

Other Information