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Convergent Media Lab

Presentation of television production and operations experience involving students in studio and remote productions through the operation of KFHS Radio, TMN-TV, local media as assigned, and the TMN website. In this practice-centered class, you will develop procedural and technical skills to succeed in today’s converged media model. (Two semesters required for emphasis core.)


INF 140 (Media Intro), 240 (Jn), 346 (Vid), & 348 (Aud)

Pedagogical Approach

Hands-on learning through series production.

Learning Outcomes

As an INF 349 student, you will: Work with your classmates, various TMN personnel, and, as needed, individuals on and off campus. Produce informative, entertaining, and engaging media content for the Tiger Media Network.


Rubrics available in Blackboard

Other Information


Course Resources

  • Our Studio Guide
    Our Studio Guide (External link)
    This is an essential text for understanding the specifics of our studio operations. New students should work to memorize... More
  • Ideas on Digital Storytelling and Publishing
    This text seems useful and, accordingly, is provided here. It will not be incorporated into the course.
  • Television Production
    Television Production (Open (Access) Textbook)
    A second supplementary text. It is not required but may help you with some of the concepts from Zettl.
  • Podcast Movement
    Podcast Movement (External link)
    Great free resource to work on podcasting!
  • Creator Handbook
    Creator Handbook (External link)
    Great YouTuber News website
  • The News Manual
    The News Manual (External link)
    Ch 6, 8, & 9 have become required reading in Digital News Reporting, but it has a ton more valuable content as well.
  • Check it Out - Great Reporters on What it Takes to Tell the Story
  • Handbook of Independent Journalism
    Handbook of Independent Journalism (Open (Access) Textbook)
  • Writing for Electronic Media
    Writing for Electronic Media (Open (Access) Textbook)
  • Writing for Strategic Communication Industries