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CHD 2324 Early Childhood Language Arts and Reading

Students in this course will study language and literacy development and the connections between listening, speaking, writing, and reading. The role of the adult in creating developmentally appropriate activities and environments for fostering emergent literacy will be explored.


CHD 1134, CHD 1135, EEC 1000

Pedagogical Approach


Learning Outcomes

  • The students will design developmentally appropriate activities for children from birth-age 8 that integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • The students will design an early childhood environment that embeds language and literacy opportunities throughout.
  • The students will design and employ activities to support children’s developing skills in oral language, vocabulary development, phonological and phonemic awareness, concepts about print, and letter name recognition.
  • The students will develop and share culturally appropriate language and literacy activities.
  • The students will classify children’s developmental stages in reading, speaking and writing.
  • The students will design an annotated bibliography of children’s literature delineating age appropriateness and related literacy activities.



Other Information